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Dec 15, 2011Lost In Time
Hello, its been a few month i've lost my direction. LOL. I've got a job just after my graduation day in the last September 2011. So now i'm working at Institute of Education Development (InED). I'm kinda busy so i have got no time to update this blog. But i'm hoping that i'll have that time because i love designing web. Its not only inspiring others, it give me the satisfaction that nothing else can give me. Well, thats all i've in mind rite now. See you soon.
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Jun 13, 2011Girly Header???

So how about this? Do you think this would satisfy blogger girl if this header is being used for their blog. Drop your own view on this piece of sh!t. :D

By the way, do any of you require any web/graphic designing service? If you do, send me an email.
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Jun 2, 2011Hybridfairy : Black Triangle

This is just another simple graphics design.
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May 25, 2011Inspired by Header!
I have browse around the web and the first thing i see (and you all will see) is the blog/web site header. Generally, header is top part of a blog/web which mostly people use it to display their website/blog name, tag line, logo, etc. A header may contain images and texts that most people use it to interpret the contain of their website/blog. So lets get inspired by a few header!
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May 24, 2011Review Fuuubook.com
Fuuubook.com was created by the founder/creator of www.ayeemayam.com. It is simply a cartoon blog which let you to apply your own jokes into a template provided and post it to the web.

Fuuubook.com was inspired by a site , Ragetoons.com, a site where also let you to share your jokes. But Fuuubook.com is a Malay version. The idea of these cartoon blog is awesome! Creative thinking.

So what are you waiting for? Visit www.fuuubook.com and start sharing your jokes!
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May 21, 2011New Url, New Template.

At last, new blog template for me! It takes 2-3 days to finish it. For beginner for me, its a tough thing to do. But what is in my head now is i'm satisfied with my work. I'm doing this for my own satisfaction. LOL. But indeed, i love designing web or blog. Well, i'm a junior web-designer at my work place. This is what i do, develop and design. By the way, i got inspiration from a fucking AWESOME webblog or blog or web or what-so-ever. Looks Like A Good Design is an inspirational blog by Jonas Kamber, an Art Director from switzerland as i remember. Take a look and MAYBE you will also be INSPIRED!. Thank you.
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Feb 1, 2011Awesome!
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