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May 21, 2011New Url, New Template.

At last, new blog template for me! It takes 2-3 days to finish it. For beginner for me, its a tough thing to do. But what is in my head now is i'm satisfied with my work. I'm doing this for my own satisfaction. LOL. But indeed, i love designing web or blog. Well, i'm a junior web-designer at my work place. This is what i do, develop and design. By the way, i got inspiration from a fucking AWESOME webblog or blog or web or what-so-ever. Looks Like A Good Design is an inspirational blog by Jonas Kamber, an Art Director from switzerland as i remember. Take a look and MAYBE you will also be INSPIRED!. Thank you.
Posted by Adi An Fadzil at 9:40 PM
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awesome gle blog ko.. pai xtau nk tekan tang mana.. hehe.. nway, visiting u =)

lah yeke? tak tekan header kat atas nuuuu? hehehe. thanks by the way.

Coooool : )


yellow is one of my favourite..