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May 24, 2011Review Fuuubook.com
Fuuubook.com was created by the founder/creator of www.ayeemayam.com. It is simply a cartoon blog which let you to apply your own jokes into a template provided and post it to the web.

Fuuubook.com was inspired by a site , Ragetoons.com, a site where also let you to share your jokes. But Fuuubook.com is a Malay version. The idea of these cartoon blog is awesome! Creative thinking.

So what are you waiting for? Visit www.fuuubook.com and start sharing your jokes!
Posted by Adi An Fadzil at 2:47 PM
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ah pirate version.. yg omputeh nye lg klako.. ko search je kt google exploitable meme,, cth trollface, forever alone, fuck yeah guy..

haha. bukan tak pernah tgk muke 'FUUUU' tu. LOL :P